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7 Most popular Twitter hashtags in #WesternMA

One of the things I love about Twitter is the ability to both broadcast and narrowcast tweets at the same time. Using hashtags (defined) you can target a locale like Western Massachusetts (#WesternMA). I’ve used this technique to help a client with a radio show airing nationwide target communication to those communities.

Every region develops its own vocabulary. Here’s a list of the current most popular hashtags being used in Western Mass. Note: I’m not including any for profit brands or businesses … they can do their own publicity.

Did I miss any? Please include your additions in the comments below.

Other Twitter hashtag, abbreviation, or initialism resources

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  1. Hey Bill! Fantastic that you’ve jotted these down for all to view! Great post.

  2. Nice, Bill! I wish I had known about some of these hashtags much sooner; thanks for sharing!

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