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16 songs in my iTunes library have the word “sugar” in the title. 57 use “sweet” in the title.

When you’re a diabetic in my place, everything comes back to glucose. You can’t escape it, even from songs.

You can take all the tea in China
Put it in a big brown bag for me
Sail right around the seven oceans
Drop it straight into the deep blue sea
She’s as sweet as tupelo honey
She’s an angel of the first degree
She’s as sweet as tupelo honey
Just like honey from the bee

How to lose weight for type 2 diabetics

I’m going to be honest with you, something most health professionals will not do. If you have any intention of trying to stop taking medication, which means losing weight and getting your blood sugar under control, then you’ll have to turn your life upside down and be miserable.

Do these 4 things:

  1. Live life in a constant state of simmering rage, like you’ll snap at any second. Get angry about diabetes.
  2. Learn to hate food. You have to hate the smell of food, what it looks like, and what it tastes like. All food. When you smell fresh toast, trick yourself into having the impulse to regurgitate.
  3. Work yourself into dust. Exercise regardless of injuries. You’ll be in constant pain, hobbling around with sprained ankles and pulled muscles, but it’s the only way. Keep the fuck moving.
  4. Hate your life. End relationships, hobbies, or anything that gives you joy. There is no joy, you have diabetes. You should be thinking about your weight every waking moment. There is nothing else.

That’s all.

At some point you’ll realize that I wasn’t joking. Right now you think I’m trying to be funny by exaggerating. Then come back and read this again. Truth.

Christina Hendricks husband’s sense of humor

When you’re married to Christina Hendricks, Mad Men siren and one of the most beautiful woman on the planet, you’ve got to have a sense of humor or lose your sanity. Right?

You’ve got a career in your own right, an actor of some note, but people still think of you as that geek married to Christina Hendricks. Some people call you Mr. Christina Hendricks!

Well, good on you Mr. Geoffrey Arend. Touché!

What good is a website?

During a conversation with a friend and business owner, he said that he didn’t care about having a website for his businesses. For him, it didn’t make sense.

I don’t care if someone in California wants to see what’s going on.

That makes sense only if you don’t understand that local customers — and potential customers — use the Web on a daily basis. They might use the Web before visiting your business — at their home or even in the parking lot.

Remember, the Web isn’t just for desktop computers anymore.

Here are three ways a business who doesn’t need a website can use a website:

  1. Encourage people to sign-up to your new email list. If you’re a good business person and your customers like you, then they’ll want to hear your expert opinion. Email marketing (‘ol school!) is still the most effect way to encourage sales.
  2. Establish and define yourself as an expert in your field. Whatever business it is, it doesn’t matter, you’re an expert compared to your customers. People who use the Web are starved for information, and on your website you can be a source of information.
  3. Become ingrained in your local community. The only way to become part of the conversation on the Web is to have a presence on the Web. That includes providing opportunities for customers to review your business and having online conversations with customers.

Whether you like it or not, your customers rely on the Web every day. Why wouldn’t you want to be where your customers are?

Did you think the White House locked automatically after 1814?

The President should feel safer now.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Secret Service Director Julia Pierson says the front door to the White House now locks automatically in a security breach.

Pierson told a House panel that the switch to automatic locks at the White House’s north door was made after an Army veteran jumped the fence on Sept. 19 and made his way into the interior of the building through two unlocked doors.

Photograph republished here under a public domain license.


Isolating Vocals Of Your Favorite Songs

I think people like isolating the vocals of their favorite songs because it’s sort of a behind the scenes peek at how the song was crafted. Like this rap, Nuthin But A G Thang from Snoop and Dre.

Find more isolated vocals here.

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