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Begin a daily video podcast today

Sometimes you should just jump into a new project. Especially when the plan is to work on the project for the long term, as I’m doing with Farm Report, a daily video podcast I started this morning. The production values of the video aren’t worked out yet, the format isn’t solid yet, but the general idea is there. Improvements to come.

The goal with Farm Report is to generally inform people about local growing in Western Massachusetts. There’ll be interviews, commentary, nice photos. But, I’ll probably also include videos about weight loss and it’s relation to the food we grow. Continue reading

What Paul Newman taught me about reducing puffy face when vlogging [video]

When video podcasting you need to look your best. Increasingly production values (how your video looks) are important. Picture quality is getting better even for the smallest video producer, which puts pressure on everybody to improve. Check out the lesson I learned from movie star Paul Newman on how to get rid of your puffy face before vlogging.

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