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Photo Share Podcast #3

Photo Share Podcast POTW December 24, 2007It’s Christmas Eve, but we’re still hard at work on the Photo Share Podcast (and we’ll be putting out a podcast on New Year’s eve too). In case you haven’t heard, Photo Share Podcast is the only Flickr related podcast currently being produced. This episode takes another leap forward: our first audio comment came in from our photo of the week winner, Paul Specht. For this alone you should check out the podcast; Paul gives us some great info and tips about working with medium format and cross processing film photography. And we started a new feature: highlighting Flickr mash ups. I hope you like it.

Photo Share Podcast Just Went Live!

photo share podcast logoWe finally went live with the Photo Share Podcast! Boy, if you have any intention of making a good podcast, with a nice site, good audio quality, and some compelling content, it takes a lot of work. Really, more than I ever thought, and I advise people about podcasting every day. But I wanted to do it right. For more than 6 months I worked on this podcast: looking for a host, thinking of a title, getting the website set-up, learning about audio production, working with my friend Ian Callahan on a graphic design, doing a demo show . . . all the time adds up.

Given that we have a podcast about sharing photos online, you should check out the Photo Share Podcast Flickr group. Thanks!

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