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New Google bike maps in Western Mass [#westernma]

Google is working on something cool for cyclists all over the United States: Google map directions for bike riders. They made the announcement as part of the National Bike Summit on March 10th. They’re working with the Rails-To-Trails Conservancy to include bike trails; roads with dedicated bike lanes; and roads that are bike friendly, though they might not have lanes.

Right now, as best as I can tell, the Western Massachusetts map only includes our regional bike trails such as the Manhan trail in Easthampton and the Northampton area trails (see the Friends of Northampton Trails and Greenways for more info). As part of the beta release of these maps, 150 cities were included (more than 12,000 miles of bike trails). Very nice that the Pioneer Valley was included in the beta.

To find the bike map overlay on Google Maps, search for Northampton, then on the map look under “More …”. There you’ll find the option for the bicycling overlay option. And if you have suggestions or problems with the cycling map, look at the bottom of the left side frame for “report a problem”.

Here’s the Google video promo for the service:

Early Sunderland, Massachusetts

Holding the horses in the dooryard, Sunderland, Mass.I live in a dinky little town: Sunderland, Massachusetts, though it’s weird sort of town. It’s a farm and bedroom community for a college town (Amherst and UMass). There’s still many farmers in town, and I live on a farm. You can check out some photos from Sunderland on my Flickr group. And for more old-time photos from around Western Massachusetts, you can check out the Digital Treasures project.

Higher resolution Google Maps

Google has increased the resolution on some of their satellite maps, but it’s a little tricky to find. Based on what I’ve found the higher resolution hasn’t been built into the interface yet, so you’ll have to hack the URL a bit. Here’s how to do it:

  1. using Google Maps find the location you want, making sure you are using hybrid or satellite.
  2. click on “Link to this page” on the top right corner of the map (here is the link to my favorite bar in San Francisco, Specs in the North Beach)
  3. In the URL look for this ‘=h&z=19&’ — that number controls the zoom.
  4. Now zoom the map to the max, then start fiddling with the URL, increasing the number.

I found that you can increase the zoom to 20 before it breaks, but your mileage may vary depending on what location you’re looking at. Have at it Google Map geek!

Carrot Guns In Lee, Massachusetts

Sticking to your carrot guns! Spending time in Lee, MA this past weekend, I found a few painted cartoons on the side of an over-priced natural foods store. I guess for the extra money, that’s what you get: cute cartoons. Just like Whole Foods. For the extra money, you get the “feeling” that you are participating in keeping the planet safe and clean. Oh, well . . . how do you think I could make some money by selling a feeling?

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