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How to be generous and drive more traffic to your blog

Don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner, but yesterday I did a little experiment that’s going to change the way I write and publish blog posts. I learned that the more generous I am with crediting photographers who offer their photos with a Creative Commons license on Flickr, the more traffic my blog will get.

When I publish a post, often I’ll find an accompanying Creative Commons photo on Flickr; they’re easy to find using the advanced search. As long as I give credit to the photographer with a link back to the original photo, I’m not really obligated to do anything else. But yesterday I went back and contacted each photographer whose photo I used in a post, giving thanks and a link back to my post with their photo.

What most of the photographers did next was the great thing: not only did they visit my blog, but they also posted a link to the post on their Facebook pages, which drove more traffic to my blog. Moreover, it looks like some of those people subscribed to my RSS feed.

To recap: I spent about 30 seconds per photographer contacting them, and they were kind enough give a link back to my blog. I hope they feel as good about this “transaction” as I do. Thank you Creative Commons, and thank you photographers.

Photo (CC) micah.e (thanks!)

Images Of The 8 Most Modern Libraries in the World

The blog Best Colleges Online has a review of the 25 Most Modern Libraries in the World, which they break out into categories: architecture, technology and innovation, digital collections. But, amazingly, they don’t include any images of the libraries they highlight for architecture. Well, I’ll do it.

A couple of notes: all of these images are from Flickr, which I use a lot for my podcast, Photo Share Podcast. I’ll give you one image for each library and a link to more images. Also, this is hard to believe, but I couldn’t find any images of the Library of Picture Books in Iwaki City of Fukushima Prefecture on Flickr. In fact, there are hardly any images on the Web at all. It’s actually pretty hard to find Creative Commons images to use for some of these libraries, that’s why I might give you a crappy photo, but there’s a link to better photos.

Which one is your favorite? Have you been to any of these?

Det Kongelige Bibliotek, Copenhagen, Denmark

photo from flickr
more photos of Det Kongelige Bibliotek

Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris

photo from flickr
more photos of Bibliothèque nationale de France

Seattle Public Library, United States

photo from flickr
more photos of the Seattle Public Library

Malmo City Library, Sweden

photo from flickr
more photos of Malmo City Library

Geisel Library, San Diego, CA, United States

photo from flickr
more photos of the Geisel Library

Halmstad Library, Sweden

photo from flickr
more photos of Halmstad Library

National Library of the Czech Republic, Prague

photo from flickr
more photos of the National Library of the Czech Republic

Is The WordPress Plugin wpLicense Breaking Your Feed?

On this blog and others I manage, yes, the wpLicense is breaking my feed. In fact, that plugin has been a total pain in the ass to me for a long time, which has been a great disappointment because I want to include the Creative Commons License on my blog and in my feed.

There is no doubt that the problem is the wp-License plugin. By turning off all my plugins, then turning them on again one by one, I was able to isolate the problem to what the plugin tries to include when the feed is generate. Actually, it’s probably more that wp-License is not playing well with another plugin (one that also includes something in the feed when it’s built), but that shouldn’t make a difference.

When wp-License attempts to include the Creative Commons information in the feed it isn’t including a line break or space, which makes two lines of code run-on together (as best as I can determine). I wish I copied the validation error, but it took me long enough to find the source of the problem, I’m not going to break my feed again just so I can copy an error message.

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