Legalise is published under a Creative Commons License; that means there are some restrictions on the use of content found on this site.

For example, you can not use any of my content without attribution. If you attribute its source, you can copy, distribute or display the content found on this site. Simply, give me credit. But you can only do those things for noncommercial purposes. Don’t try to make a buck off my back. And finally, if you want to distribute works that are derivative of things you have found on, you must share alike, meaning, you have to have a Creative Commons license just like mine.

I also use Creative Commons works on this site. Many of the posts you’ll find include photos from Flickr with a Creative Commons license; those photos have a credit at the bottom of the post. Why do I take care to give credit (and notify the photographer)? Read about my revelation that Creative Commons and notifying the photographer is good business for everyone.

Blog Disclosure Statement, Otherwise Known As The “Material Connections” Statement

The Federal Trade Commission has published rules stating that “bloggers who make an endorsement must disclose the material connections they share with the seller of the product or service”. Because I’m an upstanding dude, I want you to know about all my “material connections” (that sounds kind of “adult”, doesn’t it?).

Bottom Line does not accept any solicitations for advertising or sponsorships. Ever. The only advertising that might appear on this site will be for my own projects.

If there is ever a materiel connection that isn’t addressed on this page, I’ll do it on the page where the connection is made. What does that mean? If I publish a post and get any kind of remuneration for what I write, you’ll know about it. Full disclosure, baby.


Unpaid reviews appear on this site, from time to time. Paid reviews without notifying you will never appear on this site. In fact, I will probably never write a paid review, but just in case, I want to cover my ass.

Affiliate Links

When I link to a book or other product on, you should assume that it’s an affiliate link. That means if you choose to buy the product, I get compensated a very small amount, usually between 2-6% of the price. I’ll never know who exactly bought something, just what was bought. Amazon doesn’t share the personal details of shoppers with affiliates like me.

How smart is your Theme?  How good is your support? Check out ThesisTheme for WordPress.

I’m also an affiliate of DIY Themes, the creators of the Thesis framework for WordPress. This site uses Thesis, I like it, and sometimes write tutorials about using it more effectively.

Currently I don’t work with any other affiliate programs, but if I do this policy page will be updated and my readers will be notified.

That’s it. Now please support this blog and shop for something on Amazon.