Poker And Evolution

Phil Plait, “Answers for Creationists”

“How can you look at the world and not believe someone created/thought of it? It’s amazing!!!”

I agree; it is amazing! I’ve written about this many times. But we know that complexity can arise naturally through the laws of physics. It doesn’t take very complex rules to create huge diversity. Look at poker; a simple set of rules creates a game that has so many combinations it’s essentially infinite to human experience. We can figure out the rules of nature by studying the way processes follow them, and deduce what’s going on behind the scenes. And whenever we do, we see science.

Sitting down at a poker table, I get excited with anticipation waiting to see what my two hole cards are going to be.

Will I be able to play them? Will the cards be good enough to beat anyone else, or will I have to use my best skills to outplay the table? Who knows?! That’s the excitement of infinite possibilities.