Things I would have eaten today if I didn’t have type 2 diabetes

Saturday has been the day to treat myself, especially before being diagnosed with diabetes. It started with a former girlfriend who had a little eating disorder. But that’s another story.

Here’s what I would have eaten on normal Saturday:

  • Homemade old fashion oatmeal with raisins and a tablespoon of real maple syrup (my oatmeal recipe is worth a blog post on its own)
  • There’s a great hockey game this afternoon, so I would have gone to my favorite pub and drank about 48 ounces of beer, then had a lunch of either a sausage or Ruben sub
  • I would have stopped by my favorite wine shop for a tasting
  • ¬†Snack! Sometime during the day I would have had a snack. A piece of fruit, beef jerky, yogurt, or vinegar potato chips are regulars.
  • Dinner I would have gone a little wild. Mac & cheese? Sausage? Omelet? Sweet potato oven fries? Pizza? Those are just some of the things I might have eaten.

Not a lot of green leafy vegetables there.

Being a good boy who gets his gold star from the health professionals means my Saturday is going to be different. From the above list, I’ll eat

  • Oatmeal
  • 12 ounces of beer
  • Piece of fruit
  • Yogurt

This is bullshit!