Called back for more farm share food

I had a pretty good weekend, farm share-wise, because I received this in my email Saturday morning:

With the warm weather many more strawberries have ripened as well as some snow peas and sugar snap peas are now ready for picking. If you have already come to pick you are welcome to come back and pick again up to the limits on the board.

Last week was the first food pick-up, and they’re already calling me back for more? Damn cool. Talking to a friend that’s a member of two different CSAs, he said neither one gave him as much food as I received from Riverland Farm.

Adding the sugar snap peas and quart of strawberries I picked-up (2 pounds total), that brings my food weight total to 8.25 pounds.

One quick tip for you, based on going back for seconds Saturday: one of the criteria for choosing a CSA should be location. How far is the pick-up from your home? If there’s a chance of getting called back for more food, and you’re inclined to take advantage of those opportunities, then living too far away might discourage you. Riverland Farm is less than a mile from my house. Hoping down there for extras isn’t a big deal, but if I had to drive 15-20 minutes, I might think twice about going back. Location is something to consider.

Back Friday with another farm report.

Photo by CaptPiper and republished here under a Creative Commons license.