Farm stand map for Western Massachusetts

There are a lot of small farm or garden stands in Western Mass. I drive or cycle by them all the time (in season): little tables set up in front of a house with berries, asparagus, corn, sometimes flowers … all kinds of things that are grown locally.

Often times these stands are off the main street you might be driving on, but only 30 seconds out of your way. Take for example Route 9 in Hadley; off the top of my head I can think of 6 little tables set up 30 seconds driving off Route 9.

These little operations get business based on traffic driving by … until now.

This year I would love to see how much business we can give these little operations. The trick is to know where they are and some of the produce they normally carry. I’ll need your help to create this map.


Please spread the word about the map. Post it on your site if you’d like. And if you’re a grower, or otherwise have a contribution to the map, please leave the relevant information in the comments below; leave the exact address with a brief note about what the stand normally stocks and I’ll add it to the Google map. I’ve started the map off with some little stands near my house in Sunderland.

Let’s support our local growers and see how locally we can eat this summer.

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View Western Mass Farm Stands in a larger map

Photo used with permission by Sandra Pipczynski


Thanks for posting this resource – at Kenburn Orchards, we offer selected plants and perennials and blueberries in the summer, hardy local mums in the fall, and Christmas trees from Thanksgiving to Christmas at 1394 Mohawk Trail, Shelburne.
Note for your map – many GPS systems map us incorrectly – please enter these coordinates: N 42? 36.668’ W 72? 39.314’

Thanks for your contribution, Larry. I just added it to the map. Also, a note to you can everyone else, you can embed that map onto your website.