Why haven’t you watched The Cove yet?

Run. Do what ever you have to, but watch the documentary The Cove. After watching The Cove, if you haven’t been moved and exhilarated, drop an anvil on your foot to test your senses. In addition to being a compelling film about environmentalism being fought for by dedicated people, it’s a cool espionage story.

The Cove is the story about people trying to stop the slaughter of dolphins in a remote cove in Japan. How they’re trying to stop the slaughter is by making the movie, which is the espionage part of the film. Everybody in this little fishing village is trying to stop the filmmakers from capturing the hidden slaughter cove on film, but the filmmakers have a clever team, including people from Industrial Light and Magic (the folks that brought you Star Wars, among other special effects heavy movies) who helped create hidden “rock” cameras.

The photo above? That’s the bloody cove captured using the hidden cameras.

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