Weekend Reading – Links For February 13, 2010

How the David Letterman, Jay Leno, Oprah Winfrey Super Bowl ad got made. All kinds of disguises and hijinks.

A chronology of Einstein’s life in 1905 when he was 26 years old. How is it possible that one man could do so much in a year? Stories like this, and watching The Cove this week, make me worry that my life is less than it should be.

If you ever wanted to figure skate and do a triple lutz-triple toe loop, here’s a video for your reference. Pretty cool with slow motion and graphics for details.

As the resident of a quiet village in Oxfordshire with a plummy accent to match, she makes an unlikely revolutionary. But she has become a key player in the unrest that is shaking Iran and is such an irritant to PresidentMahmoud Ahmadinejad that she has been subjected to a propaganda campaign by the regime’s henchmen. [full story]

Can gay footballers ever come out? Story from the U.K.