Wouldn’t you love to watch April baseball in Minneapolis?

The Red Sox are the opening day visiting team at the new Minnesota Twins stadium, which appears to be a great place to watch a game, just not in April (this dude loves the Twins so much he doesn’t mind the cold!).

How does this grab you: they average 3.1 inches of snow in April, with a one day max of 13 inches in 1983. For the month the average high is 57 degrees; the average low is 36 degrees. Luckily the Red Sox are playing all day games.

Apparently someone at major league baseball doesn’t like the Twins because they scheduled the first night game for April 16 against Kansas City. If they get 10,000 people to sit through that tilt, I’ll eat one of their Walleye (fish) on a stick.

That’s right, the new ballpark fare includes fish on a stick, along with pork chops on a stick and cheese curds. Even though they have some weird ideas about ballpark food, all of the food is supposed to be cooked at the stadium fresh.

It’s April. At night. You’re watching the Twins and the Royals. How do you stay warm?

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The temp in the Twin Cities yesterday was 65 degrees. No snow on the ground here. Its funny to hear that people think Minnesota is in the arctic or something. It is especially funny to hear people from Boston talking about how cold it is in Minneapolis. The fact is people in Minnesota are a different breed and can handle the cold, the same way people in the south can handle ungodly hot temps in the summer. I hope you are joking about the Twins struggling to have 10,000 for that game. Target field will be sold out for that series and most games this summer. The Twins have a rabid fan base and a lot to be excited about this year. Oh and by the way, Walleye is delicious!