Jay Leno’s blind spot – the most surprising revelation of the Oprah interview [video]

Jay Leno has a large blind spot when it comes to dealing with humans, which Oprah revealed during her interview with the milquetoast comedian on Thursday. It even caused Oprah to catch her breath, making her circle back and confirm Leno’s answer.

What is that blind spot? He seems to have a hard time dealing with his peers, especially those who’ve touched “his show”.

First case in point, Johnny Carson. In the Oprah interview he doesn’t even mention him by name, only referencing him as “someone” he took the show over from. It was similar to his first show after Carson retired in 1992, and Leno failed to even mention his predecessor who hosted the Tonight Show for 30 years. Why is Leno always involved in “late night wars”?

Second example of Leno’s problem with his peers: Conan “Coco” O’Brien. In what I would call strange behavior, Leno said he didn’t consider calling O’Brien directly during this whole mess, despite what he says earlier in the interview about only a half dozen people really understanding what it means to do a late night show. Wow. Check out that bit, around 5:15 of the video.

Have you ever had a conflict with a friend and thought it better not to speak with them?