Fill You Up With Smarts – Weekend Links For January 16, 2010

Looks like a good coffee maker, but not entirely environmentally friendly – do we really need to fill up the planet with unrecyclable trash, just for a tasty, convenient cup of coffee?

Funny photos of Jack Nicholson at basketball games. For Jack Nicholson, going to a Laker’s game isn’t just an event to watch. With seats that good, you’ve got to participate!

The Bogus Flight 253 ‘One-Way Ticket’ Meme: Anatomy Of A Myth – From the beginning of attempted x-mass bombing story, I read stories how the Nigerian fellow bought a one-way ticket (which would have been a red flag … if true!). Here’s how that false story took on its own life.

How a group of Texas conservatives is rewriting your kids’ textbooks. –  This is problematic because Texas’ textbook buying power influences what books get published, which in turn influences the buying choices other states.

Why Hurricane Katrina Looms Over Obama’s Relief Efforts in Haiti – Dumb pundits on parade! Apparently Howard Fineman from Newsweek doesn’t know that Haiti isn’t the 51st state, therefore we don’t have both a legal and moral obligation to help Haiti, just a moral obligation.

Top 10 Places You Can’t Go – I’ve walked by the number 2 place on the list, Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center. In 1990, I walked the Appalachian Trail, which follows the fence line for a bit. All very hush-hush, you know.