Wingnuts unite and carry birth records in a Ziploc bag!

Wow. Sometimes wingnuts really surprise me even more than usual. I guess I haven’t keeping up with the whole Obama birth certificate conspiracy, so the passion it’s bringing out in the “birthers,” as some are calling them, has slid by my radar. The argument goes something like this: Obama does not have his original Hawaii birth certificate, therefore he must not be a citizen of the United States, and instead a citizen of Kenya. I know, WTF.

Apparently one of a couple of things is happening with the birthers: either none of them have a computer with an Internet connection, or none of them know how to read. Because if you do an easy Google search you’ll find the “vital records” law for the state of Hawaii, which plainly states, “In Hawaii, access to vital records is restricted by statute (HRS §338-18)”, that only certified copies are given to the person concerned, family, or other legal requirements. Original documents are never released in the state of Hawaii.

All of this brings us to poor Representative Mike Castle (R-Delaware), just trying to have a simple public question and answer period on health care, when some lady with frizzy hair and her birth records in a Ziploc back, jumps up and incites the audience to say the pledge of allegiance. I know, who needs to worry about health care when we’ve got a birth certificate to track down!