Upgrade your blog to Greymatter!

Greymatter Metamorfigure
Creative Commons License credit: Laughing Squid

With the release of WordPress 2.5 there was an interesting post by Anil Dash asking people to consider upgrading their blogs to Movable Type.

Well, as long as Mr. Dash is getting all old school on us, I want to recommend that people upgrade their blogs to Greymatter, the blogging tool that I was using back in 2000. No, I don’t use it anymore, but it was a hell of a tool back then. Static pages? Yup, Greymatter has those. Plugins? Nope, don’t need those. Just go into the base code and hack the shit out of it. Shrinking developer community? Yup! I don’t know of any blog currently running on Greymatter. And, since Mr. Dash so hot about raising the flag to cite Movable Type as being first to use various technologies, I want it to be recognized that Greymatter was around before MT, so it must be better, damn it!

I don’t need to write 1500 words like Mr. Dash to prove my case that Greymatter is the best, you be the judge.

One response

  1. Well, as long as we’re talking about today, and not the distant past, having no built-in support for OpenID, throwing up a Blue Screen of Database Death when getting on Digg, and not having the ability to do things like aggregate all your other social networking profiles into your blog *does* seem old-school, now that you mention it. Fortunately, MT today doesn’t have any of those limitations, unlike the platform you’re using right now.

    The point wasn’t merely about what Movable Type has done first, it’s about what it’s done best. I’m sure, since you’ve been around long enough, you understand that.