What to do if you’ve hated all your jobs.

If you hated your job, never had a job that fulfilled your desire to be accomplished at something, and had a sense that there was nothing else to lose, what would you do? Me? I’m going to start blogging for a living. Or at least try like hell to make a few bucks while blogging.

That’s what I’m attempting to do, start a small group of blogs that will generate a meager income for me. I want to write, make my own schedule, decide what’s important, make my own money based on how hard I work – in short, be my own boss. I’m willing to bust my ass to achive these goals. Being unhappy can be an enormous motivating factor.

At least in the beginning, the plan is to generate income through advertising and sponsorships. I’ll be using Google Adsense, Amazon Associates, and Text Link Ads in a mix that I hope will enhance my content rather than detract from it. I want the sponsorships to be something my readers might find useful. In the future, after I’ve built a loyal audience, I’d like to reduce the advertising on the sites.

I’m working on five different sites: two about food and three about podcasting. That’s all I can say right now, but if you stay with me until September 30th, that’s when I’ll unveil the first of the sites. For the next month I’ll be writing a lot about what I’m learning in my quest to be a blogging entrepreneur.

This feels like stepping off a curb without knowing that there’s pavement to step on; it’s a scary first step, but I can’t do anything else but step off the curb.

Have you ever stepped off the curb? What are some of your success and failure stories?