European Union Votes For An Accessible Web

The European Union, 34 countries in all, voted to work towards making the Internet accessible to all. The press release states:

A pan-European drive to use information and communication technologies to help people to overcome economic, social, educational, territorial or disability-related disadvantages was endorsed by ministers of 34 European countries in Riga (Latvia) today. “e-Inclusion” targets include halving the gap in Internet usage by groups at risk of exclusion, boosting broadband coverage in Europe to at least 90%, and making all public web sites accessible by 2010.

As this is a netcast blog, this news inspired some thinking about podcasting and accessibility, namely, does podcasting make the Web a more accessible place? I would like to hear from people that have accessibility issues and listen to podcasts. Please describe your experiences using podcasts.

I wonder, in what ways are podcasts not accessible, and in what ways can we make them more accessible?

In a couple of weeks I will review the Web Axe podcast, a show about Web accessibility issues. It looks interesting, and I am actually surprised that the creator, Dennis Lembree, has been so consistent with creating new programs. Right now he is 37 shows strong. Hey, it’s not too sexy of a topic (important, not sexy)! Hopefully it’s something worth listening to.