Educational podcasts: where are they?

You would think that educational institutions would be all-over the podcasting technology, but they’re not. At least they haven’t been in 2006. There are exceptions, but as a rule educators are missing the podcasting wave. I think there are great opportunities: marketing colleges and universities, disseminating news to a campus community, podcasts by college newspapers . . . and I haven’t even mentioned teachers and professors themselves!

Though, it’s my experience that teachers should not podcast their lectures. Going to a lecture can not be replaced by listening to a podcast; it’s a version of the lecture, not the experience. I have read about one professor, I forget where, that is using podcasting technology in a useful way: providing extra information to his students, things that occur to him after a class, or other comments about the readings. He takes about 15 minutes after the lecture, makes his comments, then posts the audio. That gives students the incentive (maybe) to attend lectures, plus gives them more information they otherwise wouldn’t learn.

Here is one directory with a listing of college and university podcasts, brought to you by