Starting SeedWorks Media

I would include an image of our fancy new logo, but we don’t have an official one yet. The new business, with my business partner, Francesca Rheannon, is off to kind of a slow beginning. There isn’t much we can do about it because we are trying to bootstrap SeedWorks Media. We both work regular jobs while at the same time trying to establish a business–not the best situation, but still I think we’re both committed to making a go of this adventure.

During the next year or so we are going to be writing about starting a new media business. There will be some technical how-tos, but mostly we are going to write about what we learned during the process of starting a business: incorporating, writing business plans, marketing, finding clients, writing proposals for your clients. We’re especially going to write about going into business with partner, what that might entail, including how we work through the disagreements and establish a good working relationship. It’s tricky. Hopefully we’ll have some interesting ideas or suggestions for you, based on the things we learn.