The Look Away

I had a nifty play today in my regular pick-up basketball game. If you know the game, you’ll know the play: the look-away.

I was coming down the court on offense with a wing man on my left (a much better player than myself), and a couple of defenders in front of me (only one of which I had to worry about). As I approached the top of the key my wing man inched closer to the basket, which got the attention of my defender. At that point I made my defender commit to switching his defense towards the wing man by looking at the wing man and faking a pass to him–I continued running toward the basket–leaving a clear lane for me so I could drop a little floater in. Two points.

My point isn’t to brag–my wing man, the much better player–started to do that for me. He taunted the defender a little bit, which wasn’t too cool. I have about three fake moves in my pocket–like the look-away–that I can use. I don’t over-use them, so they work pretty often, but I am not so confident in my game that I taunt the guy I just made drop his shorts. I know my limitations, therefore I have to respect what other players can bring to the court.

Still, it was a nifty play.