Greedy Bunch

The Greedy Bunch rocks! Oh, do they rock.

GW Bush, in one of his grandest acts of boosterism, is having his economic forum in Waco, TX, so that we can all see how well the economy is performing, despite all his efforts to sabotage it (see the 60% of the tax cuts that went to the richest 5% in the country). If you want to get an idea about how foolhardy these tax cuts are, just listen to Paul Krugman a while; he wrote the book Fuzzy Math: The Essential Guide to the Bush Tax Plan. You can also read the transcript of an interview he gave to NPR about the book.

And just so he stays “on message,” the results of the forum have been called in ahead of time. Why leave anything to chance, when you can simply rewrite history; as the Washington Post reported: “A media guide says the participants on the eight panels will have ‘diverse points of view,’ but the White House official acknowledged that there are limits. ‘I don’t think there’s any point in picking someone who has the opposite point of view,’ the official said.”

And the greedy bunch . . . in that Fortune Magazine article, listing what they considered the greediest CEOs in the US, at least two of the top 25 were participants in Bush’s economic forum. Why not? They’re rich, so they must be smarter than you or I, no?