It’s over!

It’s hard to believe, but the MA Democratic convention is finally over (well, late Saturday night). The convention only took 16 hours on Saturday (according to The Boston Globe). I left after 6 hours, when the first ballot results were finally announced (the count only took 4 hours). By the time I left there were calls for the head of the Party Chairman.

After my first and last experience in party politics, the only question I have is, how does anything get accomplished in this state? They had a vote counting process that did not involve computers at all–none! Everything about the process was right out of a high school student representitive election.

Even the production values of the event were 8th rate. It was like most other conventions: people make speeches, rah-rah, tribute, rah-rah, another speech . . . The production values I am speaking of are how the event looked to the audience. Well, during the speeches it looked like the stage was lite by a flashlight. Just the speaker had light on them, and everything else was pitch-black. It was creepy.

And the process, the purpose for everybody being there, was pointless. It turned out that all of the canidates for govenor got on the primary ballot, but only because two of the canidates cut a deal and swapped votes.

Here is my solution to campagin finance reform: abolish political parties. That would be a great first step.