al Qaida and progressive politics

I am wondering what the progressive political movement can learn from the organizational structure of al Qaida. There has been much talk about the organizational structure, and how independent cells, with little instruction, are doing the dirty work. I think that is what groups like the Environmental Liberation Front (ELF) are doing, which I am not sure is all bad. As long as nobody gets hurt, I think burning down some top shelf ski resorts can be a good thing. Who the hell ever said humans had the right to cut off the side of a mountain for the pleasure of skiing down it in the winter. Have you ever seen what a ski area looks like during the summer? What a waste. Unless it can be guaranteed that every nitwit like Sonny Bono will take a header into some lumber, I say ski areas are another demonstration of the egotistical lifestyle of humans. Now, right about now I would have added a link to a Web site that talks about ski resorts and the fact that they are a blight on mountains, but there aren’t many to be found. I think all the people that should be writing about such things are snowboarding.