Democratic (?!) Convention

Today I am going to my first Democratic state convention (in MA). The convention will be held Friday and Saturday, then on Monday I will go to the town hall and unregister as a Democrat. I hate it. This is the first time I have ever been involved in politics in any sort of way, and I hate it (really hate it).

It all came about in March when there was some question whether the guy I want to win the Governor’s office, Robert Reich, would even get on the primary ballot. So, I went to the caucus in my little town, only to get roped into being an alternate delegate at the convention. That was a mistake, as has become apparent over the past few weeks.

It seems that the Democrats (and I can’t imagine the Republicans are much different) are kind of like the Church of Scientology: once they have their hooks in you, it’s all over, baby. I think the only difference is that the Democrats don’t have anything like Operation Clambake on their case. Why am I saying this? Because, those damn Democrats won’t leave me alone! I am being constantly harrassed by a bunch of vote whores. It’s very ugly, and people are getting hurt. Lately I have been receiving calls twice a day by different canidates for state-wide office, and now I hate them all . . . except for my guy, of course. Surprisingly, I have not received any calls from his camp, and just one little piece of junk mail.

Even though I am only an alternate, I am still going to the convention. I will bring my digital camera and take some pictures for the Web site; with any luck I am capture some drunk Ted Kennedy pictures!