Radio Free Blog In The Air

The testing is done, and the Radio Free Blog is in the air. I am using a great perl script called Greymatter to make this happen, along with other scripting tricks to create the quotes and links on the sidebar.

If you get a chance look at the Sunday NY Times (7/29/01), and read an interview in the business section with four “technology pros”. Here is a real gem, which is responding to a question about kids not paying for Web content (music, movies, etc.): “You teach them some values. You can walk into any store and steal something, and kids don’t do it. We’ve got to bring up a generation that understands that if you steal a movie over the Net, and it is “Pearl Harbor,” that is stealing.”

Okay, now what do we do when Microsoft takes public domain computer program code, makes some nominal changes, then they call it proprietary code? What about them apples?!