Someone came up to my office with a slice of pizza. I didn’t want to get into a long conversation about diabetes, so I forced myself to eat the pizza.

Human Food?

spring greens salad

I hate to admit it, because this thing looks like a rabbit’s wet dream, but the salad I made this weekend tasted fucking good. A simple homemade dressing on fresh spinach and Swiss chard from the first farm share distribution of the season.

Does that look good to you? Then make the damn thing!


  • olive oil
  • apple cider vinegar
  • pepper


  • spinach, chopped bite size
  • Swiss chard, chopped bite size (cut the stems and ribs out — they’re tough)
  • chopped up toasted almonds
  • raisins
  • feta cheese crumbles, not too much
  • a little bit of grilled chicken

You want amounts? Forget about it! Figure it out yourself, I’ve already given you something that tastes good!

What makes this salad are the almonds and feta (the saltiness of the cheese). Don’t screw it up and substitute.

Do you feel self-indulgent because healthy living is always on your mind?

How much are we supposed to think about ourselves?

I’ve always thought that people who obsess about themselves are conceited, and that it wasn’t a good thing to be conceited.

But having diabetes turns that whole notion on its head.

There’s nothing I do (or don’t do) that doesn’t have implications for my health. I wish I could forget it just a few hours, but I can’t.  Even the act of not thinking about living with diabetes for a few hours is thinking about diabetes!

This only matters because I have to change every. single. thing. about how I’ve lived life until now. Everything.

Fuck  you, diabetes.