Will You Succeed?

Only 25 Percent Do.

Secrets of the long haul - long distance hikingSecrets Of The Long Haul‘s message is simple: 85 percent of the effort it takes to walk a long distance trail is locked in your mind. To be successful you need to realign the importance you’ve placed on gear and shift it to the metal effort required.

A successful long distance walk is born from a strong mental game. My aim is to help you prepare your mind for the long haul.

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Get Your Mental Game On!

Are you thinking about walking a long distance trail and worried about whether you have “the right stuff”? Or, maybe you’re not worried enough?

Secrets Of The Long Haul is about learning the psychological effort it takes to walk long distances, no matter what trail in the world.

Learn how to win the “quitting arguments” you’ll have with yourself, so that walking an entire long distance trail becomes an accomplishment to be proud of, not a failure to forget. The objective of each page is to remove the resistance, reservations and suspicions about walking a long distance, because the prepared mind can do it.

Rebel Hikers Walk Long Distances

Appalachian Trail, Harper's Ferry 1990The ingredients to thru-hike any trail can’t be bought at an outdoor outfitter.  If you fail to complete your long distance trail don’t blame the boots, sore feet, or your grandmother because you underestimated the psychological effort required.

My message on how to successfully walk long distance trails will never appear in your favorite outdoors magazine. In many ways, I’ll be asking you to rebel against the grain of popular culture today, which says that the secret to success is contained in a package.

Here’s the good news:

You Can Be A Long Distance Hiker

After reading this book you’ll understand the effort required for success.

The 26,000 words of Secrets To The Long Haul are organized into three parts, each corresponding to the things you’ll need to successfully walk a long distance: Your Mind, Your Body, and Your Equipment.

If you can psychologically prepare, the hardest times will be less scary when they do crop-up. When your mental and physical energy ebbs — and it will, at some point — reading this book will prepare you for the experience, giving you insights to surviving those low points.

I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail (GA > ME ’90). Hiking, studying, and researching the history of thru-hikers, taught me that walking long distances is actually harder than most people think. I can help.

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