Employers That Appreciate Capitalism: Child Therapist

In these troubled economic times, it’s not surprising that employers will try to exploit people; after all, with unemployment reaching above 10% nationally, the pickings are easy. Why pay a living wage when keeping employees in poverty will do just fine?

What’s the best place for employers to find a cheap work force? Craigslist, of course! With no-cost job listings, there’s no harm in throwing an ad in the pond and seeing if a guppy will bite.

The living wage for this job – one adult and one child – is $17.22.

Exceptional Opportunity! Yes it is possible to really enjoy what you do for a living! Just ask us, we’ve built an organization around it. As a result we boast a remarkably supportive, dynamic, motivated and passionate group of employees working together to make positive change across the globe.

Seeking child development professionals, or individuals who are interested in entering the child development field. We are currently accepting applicants who are willing to make a commitment to pursue onsite training to attain a staff position


We invite all to apply who believe in the limitless possibilities for each child and a willingness to strive in personal growth.


Compensation: $8.00/ hr. starting salary. Increases with proficiency at training levels.