Lieberman campaign clogged its own tubes

Creative Commons License photo credit: Sluggo

Okay, in 2006 when Joe Lieberman was sucking wind because of all the body blows he was getting from Ned Lamont, his Democrat primary opponent, he blamed the Lamont the campaign of dirty tricks when the Lieberman server died. Lieberman said it was because of a denial of service attack. On August 6, 2006, the day before the primary in Connecticut, the Lieberman server shit the bed, with the Lieberman campaign demanding the matter be investigated by FBI.

Now we have the truth, to which the Lieberman office said . . . never mind! It only took a freedom of information request by The Advocate of Stamford, CT to get the details of the of the long closed investigation. What did the investigation find? The server was misconfigured, only allowing 100 emails an hour to pass threw, and when that limit was reached the server began to tumble.

Oh, well . . . we’re idots . . . let’s blame the other guy!