Wrap-up from Leer, Germany

This morning we leave Leer, traveling first to Wincent (I think that’s the spelling) to pick up some clothes and a bike, then onward to the big city Hamburg. We’re going to stay there a couple of days before going to Berlin for 5 days or so (3 for Babette), then I will meet Babette in the Black Forest (Baden-Württemberg). We will be staying in the Black Forest with Uncle Roland, where he’ll show me the sites, letting me stay at his place. I’ve already met Roland, and he’s a great guy–down to earth and always quick with a smile.

I spent most of the day exploring Leer by myself while Babette attended a family brunch. This little town was a treat, and was probably a good way in get introduced to Germany; I think I might get a little overwhelmed in Hamburg, but we’ll see.

I ate my first Currywurst, which Babette and I have been talking about for months, if not years. She doesn’t like them, thinking they’re horrible junk food, which they are, but not that bad . . .

ah, got to run; time to check out of the hotel.