more notes from Germany: Ech!

One of the tough things that make writing quick posts difficult here in Germany is using a German keyboard. Every time I want to use a y, a ‘z’ is entered . . .

Security in the airport in Milan, Italy and from what I have seen in Europe is very good; it may look like less security, but there is less “show” and more real useful observation. It seems like they rely less on technology and more on observation and questioning. Dogs too! A cute little dog smelled everyone has they entered the airport from the plane, with security officers pulling other people aside for questioning.

Last night after dinner and many drinks I dropped off a tipsy Babette in the room and went out in this little town by myself (the town is Leer, Germany). Walking around at midnight in the little town (a port town) was interesting because I didn’t want anyone to know that I was an American, so when someone would say “hello” (I think it was hello, but I couldn’t be sure), I made a sound that I thought resembled German: “ech!”. I would grunt “ech!” to everyone that said something to me. According to Babette, “ech” doesn’t mean anything.

I’ll try to write later, plus post some photos to Flickr. Off to the first wedding!