Berlin various notes

Trying to keep up with my blogging duties while traveling around Germany has been tough; I have to rely on Internet cafes because there really is no free access anywhere, even at colleges. Plus, I’ve been on the go since minute one, which is fine, but I’m feeling whipped by the end of the day. The plan is to write a few different posts on Monday, my first real off day in a week and a half.

It’s also the first time Babette and I will be going our own way for an extended time. I will stay in Berlin for another 3 days while Babette heads back to Hamburg. Then I will go to the Black Forest and stay with Babette’s Uncle Roland (you can see his picture in the photos section), and 3 days later Babette will join me in the Black Forest. Oh, you can read Babette’s account of our trip (which sometimes varies from mine) at her blog, Motherland My Ass.

One of my favorite action films, Bourne Supremacy, was filmed in Berlin. In fact, scenes that were supposed to be in other cities like Munich were really filmed in Berlin. One disappointing visit was Alexanderplaz, where the place has been overtaken by construction and is really just a tourist trap with panhandlers everywhere. Here is a video of the real-life locations in Berlin: