Pee Wee Herman rises!

Pee Wee & Rose McGowan
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Wow, who would have thought we’d see this guy again? Pee Wee Herman, the character created by actor Paul Rubens, made an appearance at the Spike TV “Guys Choice” Awards. He gave out the “Funniest M.F.” award to Will Ferrell.

carmen electra & pee wee
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Well, personally, I think Pee Wee is the funniest M.F.! Seriously, look at that crafty devil cozying up to both Carmen Electra and Rose McGowan! I hope he had those mirrors on his shoes so he could do some close inspection.

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Yeah, so Pee Wee is 54 years old . . . But I want him to come back for awhile longer, just to help wipe the memory of that mug shot from my brain.