Digging up old writing

no, this site is not powered by greymatter!I can hardly believe that I’ve been blogging since 2001. While not steadily, I have been writing and testing blogging platforms since the early days of blogging, for me beginning in July 2001 with the Greymatter script written by Noah Grey. I used Greymatter until sometime in February 2002 when I switched to Movable Type. That was a big improvement because Greymatter didn’t have the capability to include titles of posts (!). I don’t remember why that didn’t bother me, but when I look back at those old posts in the Wayback Machine, they look kind of cool with only the date at the top. Then in August of 2005 I made the switch to WordPress, and that has made me very happy. So, to review:

  • July 2001-February 2002 – Greymatter
  • February 2002-August 2005 – Movabletype
  • August 2005-Present – WordPress

What’s the point of this stroll down blogger memory lane? Well, I didn’t realize that I lost those old Greymatter posts until I looked at the old domain in the Wayback Machine. But now I have them; I’ve put those posts into WordPress and you can review that writing under my Greymatter category. Plus (!) in the Wayback Machine I found a project I worked on after September 11th 2001. In the next day or two I will post that long lost link dump of 9/11 news and information.