Our crime against humanity

I am going to float a proposal: let us now start proceedings against President George W. Bush for crimes against humanity, before some sharpie lawyer says that the statute of limitations has run its course. If the hounds of hell can’t find the creepy, creaky voiced Henry Kissinger — with the book by Christopher Hitchens and the documentary film — then we ought be able to find this bastard Bush! I know where the fucker lives!

The more that comes out about how this administration jobbed the intelligence community, and then used their faked intelligence (phony!) to sell Gulf War 2 to an easily duped american public, the more it is clear that Bush and cohort are war criminals. This article in The Independent, as newspaper in the UK, lays out the story about the fabrication of evidence and the distortion of intelligence reports, all for the purpose of goading the public into war. Krugman also presents the same facts, but adds the question, where was the media in all this? We knew Bush was misleading the country from day one, why did he get a free ride?