Sideshow Bush

If it isn’t the bait and switch, a Ponzi scheme, or some other sideshow game, Bush always has treachery lurking just around the corner at every turn. I am glad the Democrats are finally (maybe) taking the game to him with Caught on Film. This Web site, created by the Democrats on the House Appropriations Committee, is an effort to match the Bush rhetoric with the reality of the choices he has made in fiscal policy. For example, Bush said:

bq. “We’re dealing with first-time responders to make sure they’ve got what’s needed to be able to respond.” Bush, 3/27/2002

But his fiscal choices don’t really reflect these empty sentiments, as this firefighter says:

bq. “The president has merely been using firefighters and their families for one big photo opportunity.” — President of the Virginia firefighters Association

Why would he say that? Oh, only because in August 2002 Bush cut $150 in grants to state and local “first responders”.