Vicious Wedgie

Boy, those Brits sure know how to have fun, and on the BBC Web site no less. There is a story about Wedgies and all the different kinds of them, including the Vicious Wedgie, Full Melvin Wedgie, and the Cheap Shot Wedgie. This is an excerpt from one of the discussions on the page:

few weeks ago me and some mates were in a club. My mate had shnogged about 3 girls already and was dancing with his fourth. they got romantic, started kissing when what happened…I ran up and gave him a wedgie….he was not pleased, went to the toilet to fix himself and came back and she had gone…funny…

HA! Those Brits!

[Update: the following links are dead. I am trying to get the content of the site and put it here. Sorry.]

A wedgie can make a guy recall his childhood with fondness, as this story does, which begins thus:

I’m 18 now and haven’t had any wedgies since this experience and even though I was embarrassed at the time and didn’t want anymore wedgies, now I wish I could have a lot more.

Is that strange? Well, there is a whole Web site devoted to wedgies, which includes over 73 techniques. If my memory hasn’t failed, I think I was the victim of some atomic wedgies when I was young, but of the listed wedgies I think the egg wedgie and kangaroo wedgie sound like the most fun (!?). The site has pictures of wedgies, and even a section of Dilbert wedgies.

Photo by j.lee43 and republished here under a Creative Commons license.